The USATF officials Course on Sat Jan 14th is @ 10am , HMTC Annual meeting Sunday Jan 15th (read below

Subject: HMTC Annual Meeting and Throws Pentathlon, Jan. 15,2017

The HMTC annual meeting will be held on Sunday, January 15 at 11:00am at Kaiser High School on the lower field throws area.  
Agenda for meeting: 1) Approval of minutes for 2016 meeting(s) as presented by Secretary, Joan Davis. 2) Approval of Financial report presented by Ed Nishioka, Treasurer. 3. Report by Ed of membership roster of those who paid dues in 2016 and in 2017 to date. 4. Passage of Budget for 2017. 5. Election of officers and board members for 2017.  6. Approval of schedule of track meets to be hosted by HMTC in 2017. 7. Discussion by President Kevin of timeline for construction of new track at Kaiser. 8. Certification of HMTC members as officials and coaches by USATF Hawaii. 9. Plans for an HMTC banquet. 10. Other topics proposed by Kevin or members.11. Approval of date, time and place of next Quarterly board/membership meeting.

Throws Pentathlon: Sunday, January, 15 before annual meeting: Compete in one or more events.  7:30am-Hammer, 8:00-Shot, 8:45-Discus, 9:30-Javelin  10:15-Weight Toss, 10:30-Super Weight

Other News: 1) USATF-Hawaii Officials Certification Course, Saturday, Jan. 14 at Punahou at 9am. 2) UH Sunrise Meets, Saturdays, Jan. 21, Feb. 4 and March 11. Schedule of events, entry via email and waiver are posted on www.hawaiiathletics.comunder Womens' Sports, Track and Field,, Sunrise series. 3) HMTC 2017 Membership form is posted on   


W Aloha All,

Come join me this Sunday (18th December) for some throw's competition!  Get ready for the UH meets coming up.

Hammer --7:30

Discus -- 8-8:15

Shot -- 9:15

Weight -- 10am     (bring your javelin, if you have any energy left!)


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